I’m not your typical photographer who has  been taking pictures for years or even decades. Actually I have taking pictures for years, but not making pictures. I’m a middle aged guy who ‘found’ photography in 2010 and I haven’t looked back since.

Photography fills both a creative niche in my life as well as the geek one I have. I’m not a gearhead, but I like the science as well as the creativity that photography offers.

I am still learning, I will always be learning, whether it be photography, business, writing, whatever. Learning to get the idea of the picture in my head to actually appear in my camera is amazing. Understanding what is happening with light, pixels, colors and balance has become important to me. Putting myself out there for people to see has changed how I look at myself and what is going on around me.

This blog is about my journey in photography. I’m not trying to become the world’s best photographer. I am trying to become the best photographer that I can be.I am searching for my style and finding myself during that time.

Feel free to watch me try, succeed, fail, try again as I work towards my goal. Being a photographer.

Time is short. Find your passion and pursue it. As a hobby, a past time or a career, but go after it with all your heart and soul.

You can reach me here if you would like to discuss photography.


2 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Matthew!

    Thanks a lot for regularly visiting my blog and a photograepher of your caliber clicking the LIKE button is really big achievement and a great motivation to keep myself going…

    I’m purely awestruck by your clicks and the neat blogging, I hope i would learn a lot from here 🙂


  2. Hi Matthew, your photos are really very nicely taken. especially on droplets shots. Not a master in photography myself yet, me too trying to explore into this vast world. Hope that we both find what we are seeking for.. cheers..

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