Continuing with sweetness…

There is just something about these cupcakes that is almost addictive, for both eating and making pictures. I was near the Tipsy store again yesterday so I picked up a cupcake each for Deb and I.

This time I went with straight natural light. A large window with indirect sunlight was to the right of the subject. The lens was a Tamron 60mm set to 1/125, f9 and ISO 800. Post processing consisted of adding a vignette, noise reduction and adding a little exposure.

One thing I have learned recently is to really watch my shutter speed. I’ve known about the ‘rule’ of having your shutter speed at least as fast as your focal length to help reduce camera shake blur. And I’ve known about the crop factor of a DX lens (1.5 for Nikon, 1.6 for Canon). And I knew that I should be taking into account that crop factor for my shutter speed. But for some reason I didn’t. So my pictures were often a little bit soft if my shutter speed was close to the the focal length of my lens.

Recently I really started playing with the shutter speed (I shoot pretty much straight manual) and I noticed a big difference in the photographs based on the small tweak of shutter speed.

Tipsy chocolate cupcake


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