Sweet, sweet cakes…

One thing that Billings does not lack is good restaurants. Every few weeks we try to go to a new one as we continue to explore the city. This last weekend we were a bit rushed for time on Friday so we went to one that is part of a nation wide chain. But not one that is in Cedar Rapids.

On Saturday though we went to a local favorite that was stupendous and dangerous all at the same time. As we were out running errands we noticed we were near Tipsy Cupcake so we had to stop and get some to take home. And of course I couldn’t turn down the opportunity to take some pictures of such beautiful, edible, masterpieces.

The one on the right is the Grasshopper and it was wonderful. The one on the left is Lemon Raspberry. Once we got them  home I broke out the camera and spent some time photographing them. As soon as I was done we couldn’t wait any longer and before you knew it they were gone. That last bit was filled with such sweetness as well as sadness because you knew it was over.

Taken with my D7000, 50 mm at 3.2, 1/125 and ISO 800. The ISO is so high because I was originally shooting natural light only, but then I got my flash to create some fill. So I could have lowered it just a bit. I then did some post processing on them to practice some of the various skills I have been learning. More on that later this week.

Tipsy cupcakes


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