Corporate head shots…

A few weeks ago I was asked at my day job to update some of the corporate head shots for the management team. I was nervous but also excited. It was my first ‘studio’ style shoot with 2 lights and anyone older than 1 year old.

I have to say it was a blast. The day before I booked the conference room where the photos would be taken and set up all my gear. I wanted to get the light positions and ratios right. Plus I wanted to get the feel of the space.  The morning of the shoot I got there early, set the lights up again and waited. And people came in and let me take there pictures. During a lull I texted my wife and told her how much fun I was having.

  • Here is the gear that I used:
  • SB700 in a softbox
  • Impact LiteTrack  and a shoot through umbrella
  • D7000 with a 55-200 lens
  • Tethered to Lightroom 4

I would show them their pictures as we finished which everyone enjoyed. They were all delivered about a week later after I had formatted them to the correct size for upload as well as a bit of retouching. I’ve even had some requests for the high-res files and did some further post-processing work from some of the people. Which was a blast.

I used a bunch of the various techniques I have learned from various sources, but the main ones were from Sue Bryce and her creativeLIVE courses. One of her phrases is “chin forward and down”. I used that for many of the women and they loved the difference it made in the portrait. And there things I will do differently next time as well.

Below is my self-portrait from that day. I so prefer to be behind the camera than in front of it.

self portraits feb 2013


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