Alphabet Project: F is for food…

It has been way too long since I posted a picture for the Alphabet Project. I am adding to my goals for the year to finish this project this year. Which means I need to start brainstorming the next few letters.

Food photography has become more and more popular. Some of that may be due to rise of the camera phone. When you are out and about and have a fabulous meal why not share a picture of it? Plus food is something that we can all relate to since we need to eat.

One of the most well known food photographers is Penny de los Santos. Here you can watch an interview with her on reDefine. Her pictures aren’t just about the finished product, but everything that goes into preparing the dish. This includes the preparation but also the culture, the atmosphere and people.

Beyond providing sustenance food can mean something different to everyone. We all have different likes and dislikes based on our tastes. What is one person’s comfort food may be something that another would not even want to try. Our cultures also drive our food tastes. And that is what is exciting about food photography, catching the glimpse into the world of differences.

Food photography isn’t just about the food, but about what it means to those who make it and share it.

Neiman Marcus Dip


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