Photographer Spotlight: Benjamin Von Wong…

Time to point out another photographer that I greatly admire, Benjamin Von Wong.

I first found his work through his BTS videos on Fstoppers I believe. I have no idea which of the many he has created it was, but his energy, passion and skill completely drew me to his work and his YouTube channel.

The passion he shows in his videos translates over to his photographs. His ideas are fun, interesting and create stunning photos. But one of the things I really admire about him is that he shares how he creates the shots. The BTS videos he creates not only walk you through the shooting, but the setup and often the reason he is doing each step. It feels as if you are right there with him.

Some videos aren’t just about photography but the journey he has been on over the last few years. Please go check out his blog and his YouTube channel.

The video below is one my favorite.

I’m still on a spring kick too so another flower from a couple of years go.

close flower


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