Sunrise in Montana…

Our first night in Billings was spent at a hotel. We arrived the day before our move in date to make sure we didn’t have any issues on the drive over. More importantly all of our belongings were with us. I shopped around for a moving company that would just load, drive and unload our stuff the 1000+ miles. And while I got some good quotes there was one factor that just blew my mind.

Not one company would give me window of when our stuff would arrive that was less than 2 weeks long.

So if they loaded it on Monday, for a potential delivery on Friday the window became from that Friday to the Friday 2 weeks away. Wait, wait?

What are we supposed to do for the 2 weeks we are sitting in an empty apartment?

So then I costed out driving our stuff ourselves as well as hiring loaders at the start and unloaders at the end. Factoring in gas for the truck it came out to be almost the exact same price as a moving company. So for the same price I can have all my worldly belongs with me the whole time. And more importantly when we can move in. Pretty much a no brainer. Yes I did have to drive a big truck for 3 days, but it went fine. The weather was pretty much perfect for moving each day.

Going to the cars that first morning to drive to the apartment this was the sunrise that greeted us. I can’t wait to get out and take some more.

Billings Sunrise


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