Kevin Kubota and creativeLIVE…

The crew at creativeLIVE did it again. They forced me to take time off work, sit in front of my computer for 18+ hours and learn. How dare they!

Okay, they didn’t force me to do any of that. But I am so glad I did. The class this time was presented by the master Kevin Kubota with the topic being Lightweight Location Lighting. Basically it was how to use speedlights (mainly) and some small monolights to get great portraits wherever you are. They were on location for two days, then on a rooftop and then in an alley. And of course all the pictures were stunning. You can see some of the pictures in a few of the posts from his blog.

For me all the information that Kevin was teaching started to come together with everything I have been learning over the last couple of years in regards to lighting. He showed how to use natural light and one speedlight, then added a reflector, then maybe a second speedlight. Each time the reason for the light was explained. And you could see that you didn’t need loads of lights to get some really cool portraits.

A few things that I really took away from the workshop are:

  • Start with the ambient light, then build what you are looking for one light at a time.
  • Feather the light across large groups
  • Get it right in camera, or right enough

Kevin made learning fun. His playful attitude helped keep everyone laughing and his easy to understand explanations made the whole process a joy. This was one of my favorite creativeLIVE classes both in terms of what I learned and how fun it was to learn it.

One of Kevin’s saying really hit me though. It was “We are in control of our destiny.” That really made me think. There is always a reason you can or should not do something. But the choices are ours to make. Those choices determine our destiny. If you want your dream, then you need to actively pursue your dream. No one is going to just drop it into your lap. You make your dream, your destiny happen.

The photo below was taken at the Sandy Puc’ workshop mentioned before with only two little bare bulb clamp lights. So it is definitely in the spirit of Kevin’s workshop.

Paper and magazine dress


One thought on “Kevin Kubota and creativeLIVE…

  1. Thanks for sharing your thoughts Matthew! I’m happy to see you gained a “bigger picture” (pun intended) perspective beyond the hands-on techniques. I really appreciate your comments and excitement for learning! Keep on rockin’ 🙂

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