Early morning on the boat…

On our vacation a few weeks ago one of the fun, yet nerve wracking things was driving Grandpa’s boat. That boat was his baby. I believe he taught all of the grandkids and our parents how to drive it. At least in theory. You never go to drive it as that was always his job. But you knew how. We laughed about this at one point. My uncle who now owns the boat agreed completely with that statement.

The point of all of that is that I got to drive the boat a lot while there. The resort we stayed in was in a little inlet so there was no direct line of sight to both the sunrise or sunset. The last full day of us being there I decided to take the boat out before dawn to see what I could get for sunrise pictures. To me this was a milestone. Getting the boat out there, in the predawn light was calming and scary at the same time. If that makes sense. What if something went wrong? But it was so quiet and peaceful.

I could have wished for a more dramatic sky, but it was still fun to be out, remembering Grandpa and taking pictures.

black & white sunrise at the lake


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