Hands On Workshop with Sandy Puc’

I’m sure you all know I am a massive fan of Sandy Puc’. As can be seen by my blog posts here, here, here and maybe here. In the previous workshop she mentioned her fall one, which would be a bit different from her others.

In this workshop we wouldn’t be spending our time writing down all her wisdom as fast as we could. Oh no. This time we would be shooting alongside her! What? That is right. Sandy has put together a Hands On Workshop where you, the student, get to learn directly from the pros and then put that learning into practice. Yes you heard that right. You are to bring your camera and lenses and shoot alongside the great pool of photography talent that has been put together.

I was lucky enough to learn from:

There were two that I didn’t get to and I really wish I could have. They were Dammon Tucci and Brandon Cox. These are only a few of the photographers Sandy has ask to join her. Check out the various cities to see who will be near you.

What was great about this workshop? Getting to watch the photographer set the shot up, explain the reasons behind it, and then getting to try it yourself. Plus you would get instant feedback from the photographer. Questions were encouraged all the time and they took the time to make sure you understood the process. If you want to learn from some of the best this is a great workshop to attend.

Below are just a few of the shots from the day. I know I will write about this again as I am still processing internally what I learned.

Woman looking framed by flowers

Female senior portrait


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