Going fishin’…

I am so looking forward to the next week and half. Yesterday was my last day of work at my day job for 12 days. This morning I took a certification test that I passed (thankfully) and now it is time to get ready for our vacation.

We are heading to a lake up in Minnesota to fish, read, boat and just relax. I haven’t been fishing in too long and am really looking forward to it.

Another great thing about the trip will be the food. There will be four excellent cooks at the lake (wife, mother, grandmother and aunt). It will be really hard to not gain some of the weight I have lost. Deb has been baking up a storm for the trip.Which has been torture. Coming home to the smell of cinnamon bread and rolls and only getting to eat one roll. Can you imagine!

And after the lake we are going to our friends in the Cities for a few days. One of which will be spent at the Renaissance Festival. Shopping, conversation, the Festival. Always a good time. I’m planning on doing some pet photography for them which should be fund. As well as a challenge.

The photo below was taken about 13 years go by my father I believe. It is of my nephew, my grandfather and myself. I know Grandpa will be there fishing with us.

Grandpa and us in a boat


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