Hard at imagining…

I marvel at the imagination of kids and how easily they can slip into a world they have created and block out the real world.

As creatives I believe we still slip into that world more often than other adults. But there is always reality in the back of our heads that keeps us just a tiny bit anchored. Maybe the artists that can let that go are the ones that truly achieve master works of art.

Earlier in the day the picture below was taken we had two little figures from a Happy Meal. Those two figures had multiple sleep overs, went to his house, watched a movie and performed gymnastics with a difficulty of 20+. All in the space of about 3 square feet and 15 minutes.

It was a great afternoon.

So what is he imagining? Is he on a spaceship? A four wheeler? Watching a football game? Driving a monster truck? Who knows. But whatever it is I am sure he is there completely.



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