Panning by spinning…

This last weekend we had some of the grandkids over and we went to the park. I decided to try a type effect that you get when panning with the subject. The background blurs out with motion but the subject is sharp. But rather than moving the camera I moved my whole body. Around, around and around. (Yuck.)

I sat across from the subject as the merry-go-round was spun quickly. The tough part was getting a shutter speed that would show the background blur but let me capture the subject sharp enough to show detail. Bracing myself against the metal poles I tried to create a human type tripod that would minimize camera shake. Overall I would say I was successful. Maybe next time I will use fill flash to try and make it a bit more sharp.

Trying new things is so much fun in photography. One thing I did learn from the shoot. Me and spinning don’t get along. I was able to get about 4-5 shots off of each subject before I was done. And by done I mean “please stop the spinning before I am sick”.

The image was processed in Lightroom with a preset from Matt Kloskowski that I then slightly tweaked.

Girl on merry-go-round


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