Compositing a splash…

While I was thinking about what to shoot to represent the letter E for the Alphabet Project I had the idea to composite a picture of the Earth with a splash shot. Of course then I had the idea for the eye shot that I did use.

But I still had the original earth/splash shot in my head. And it just kept knocking to get out, to the point that it gave me a headache. So yesterday I set up the cube, pulled out the water gems and took a bunch of shots to get the right splash.

One of the big issues I have had with the splash shots is getting the water or gem to land in roughly the same spot to the focus is accurate. For the gems this was especially hard. When I bought the children’s medicine eye dropper a few week ago it came with a little measuring ‘tube’ that you can pour the medicine in to . I just cut the bottom of it off, taped it to a yard stick and I could just drop the gem down the tube. Much more accurate.

I pulled the shot of the Earth that NASA has put in the public domain.

Then it was time to composite. I used a little Bamboo tablet which was nice. Overall the composite took about 4 hours. Which I know is a really long time for the shot below. But I learned a lot about the process from the mistakes I made. So the next time I won’t make those same mistakes, hopefully.

Earth splash



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