Tabletop photography…

Last weekend once again the creativeLIVE team had me pretty much glued to my laptop. This time the subject was tabletop photography by Don Giannatti. If I wasn’t watching the live broadcast I made sure I caught the rewatch. Instead of the regular  3 day workshop there was an extra 1/2 day on Thursday. Bonus content!

This class was a first for creativeLIVE in the sense that is focused on product and tabletop techniques rather than shoots with models. It was fascinating to watch Mr. Giannatti work as the used his subject-centric lighting approach to take wonderful pictures of objects. Using a combination of homemade and bought gear he would build up the light on the item step by step, explaining as he went so you gained a full understanding of what each light, foam board or white card added to the shot. Each shot developed in front of you with added dimension and texture. He didn’t limit himself to just small objects. he showed how to light larger objects with just one light. And by larger objects I mean a guitar and details from a motorcycle.

Mr. Giannatti is a veteran photographer who tell is like it is and pulls no punches. And each day he wouldn’t just teach the photography side of product/commercial photography, but also the business side. And this was just as intriguing. On the final day he sat down and told everyone who was watching how to succeed in commercial photography. He truly laid it out, step by step, on what you can do to get your name out there, get your portfolio seen and get more work. Because I was watching on our laptop I was furiously taking notes on my phone in Evernote. I didn’t want to miss a single thing he said.

I’ve always been just as fascinated with still life images as I have with portraits. This workshop helped reinforced that. It is about shaping the light around the objects to get that vision in your head to match what is on your screen.

Here are a few quotes from the workshop:

  • Embrace change. To thine own self be true. Love the adventure and never regret what you do.
  • You are a photographer and let the planet know you are a photographer. 
  • Life in photography is a life around possibilities.

Thank you Mr. Giannatti and creativeLIVE crew for yet again a lost weekend. It was so worth it.

Here is a shot I took using some of the techniques that were taught that weekend.


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