Weekend shoot…

Two weekends ago I had the chance to take pictures of a co-workers daughter and grandson at a local park. It was a lot of fun and I learned more about portrait taking, which was the overall goal for me.

I met them at the park a little after 9. I got there early and scouted some locations out for the young girl since she was the main subject. Once they got there we walked around, talked, laughed and took some pictures.

Both were so much fun to work with. The baby was perfect. I know that won’t happen very often. I may have helped that for most of the shoot he was in his stroller just enjoying the day. The young girl was very engaging and asked a lot of fun questions. She kept trying to get her mom in a photograph, but it never worked.

Here are a few shots from that morning.


2 thoughts on “Weekend shoot…

  1. i’ve enjoyed following the evolution of your photographs for a while now….that first shot is just fantastic…love the expression, focal point, composition and it works so well as B&W

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