A day with Sandy Puc’…

I was lucky enough this past Sunday to spend the day with Sandy Puc’ and Jack Davis as part of the Sandy Puc’ Presents 2012 Digital Workflow Tour with Jack Davis. I’ve written about Sandy Puc’ before in this post. (Warning,  this post and that one are long.)

The workshop was all about the workflow from capture to delivery of the images. She talks about her file system, backing up, the sales and the delivery of the images to the customers. As usual Sandy’s teaching style includes humor and personal stories which drive her excellent points home. There were parts of the workshop that I had already heard, either through her creativeLIVE workshop or her pricing webinar. But I am okay with the information again. I will explain the reason for that in just a bit.

A large part of the afternoon was Jack Davis talking about Lightroom 4. Now I have been using Lightroom 3 for just about a year or so and love it. But Jack’s teaching has me seriously considering getting Lightroom 4. In fact one of the first things I did when I got home was download the software for the free 30 day trial. He showed us how to make antique photos, create black and white images in a different way that leaves options open, how to get the most out of Lightroom. There was also some Photoshop CS6 tips shown too which were fantastic. I wrote down the ‘recipes’ for both Lightroom and Photoshop. And can’t wait to use them. He cracked jokes, made us laugh and taught us in ways that help the knowledge stick. Thank you Jack.

Sandy gave away a lot of stuff as well. Unfortunately I did not win anything,  but I am happy for everyone that did win. Thank you to the sponsors/vendors that help with this: Bay Photo, Finao Albums, WOW Creative Arts, Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep, and of course Ukandu.

In my first post about Sandy I wrote that she is one of the photographers that I wanted to meet because they inspire me to be a better person. During of the breaks she happened to be at the Ukandu table. So I went up to her, introduced myself and thanked her. I mentioned I had first seen her on creativeLIVE and written a blog post about the class. Sandy mentioned she had read the post! (Yeah-sorry, little fanboy there.) I then told her that what I loved about the class so much wasn’t the photography skill she taught (which were great), but rather the whole package of photography, marketing, branding, and how all that fit together. She then thanked me.

Huh what?

Sandy Puc’, the brilliant photographer, business woman and superb marketing genius thanked me? She then went on to say that what she was trying to show was real life behind being a photographer and she was very glad to hear that the message had come across. And was thanking me for letting me know that the message had been clear.

And this is why I actually enjoy hearing bits of the same information from her. She ties the whole package together. She doesn’t just teach photography skills. She teaches how you can incorporate these skills into your life to build a better business. But more importantly how to gain success. And here is how she defines success.

‘Success is time you spend with the ones you love’ (I apologize if I didn’t get that quite right.)

The skills she teaches show how to maximize that while also still doing something you are passionate about.

Thank you Sandy for taking your tours to towns like Des Moines, Iowa. It is wonderful to see smaller towns get such wonderful learning opportunities.

Check out the link above for her tours. If you get a chance to see one do so! Her passion, her energy, her drive, her skill and her love of sharing all that with others can only inspire you.

While I did not get any pictures of the workshop I did go for a walk this morning before the workshop in the area around the hotel.

Both of those were done in Lightroom 4 by the way.


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