Remembering a year ago…

A wise aunt told me that there are two things that can’t be taken away from  you, an education and the experiences you get from traveling. Our trip from a year ago is still having an effect on me.

I love to travel. There is something about getting out and seeing new places that is so fun and exciting. And traveling to a different country is scary, cool, exciting, stressful, relaxing and overall fantastic.

Going to France was not something that had ever been high on my list of things to do. Yes I wanted to see the Louvre, but beyond that I was pretty much ambivalent. Our 4 1/2 days in Paris were fantastic. We saw so much, experienced so many new things, had such a great time. The food, the people, the sites.

I fell in love with Paris. I wish we had more time there.

This is one of my favorite pictures. It is a side street between the Eiffel Tower and Metro station. There isn’t anything particularly amazing about it. But to me this is Paris. The corner cafe with the street seating, the narrow street and the beautiful buildings.

Oh to go back someday, hopefully soon.



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