The chains that bind us…

There are so many things that can hold us back from doing what we love.

Time, money, doubt, fear are but just a few.

  • Time we have a set amount of each day. We decide how we will spend that budget as we go through our day. What can you shift/move to make more time for yourself, which will let you follow your dream.
  • Money. Each of us has to evaluate how money can help us or hurt us in regards to following our dream. Do we need the newest, latest, greatest gear or will that purchase truly help us? Set a budget to save for what you are looking to buy
  • Doubt is a tough one. We all have our own doubts as we travel through the day. Are we good enough, will someone think less of us, will we be judged? Being comfortable with yourself may help combat doubts.
  • Fear. Fear of what is the big question. Are you scared of failing, that others will think less of you, or that they may laugh at you? Again look within yourself to try and determine what you are scared of, then try and work out what you can do to get around it.

Following your dream can mean anything as each of us has our own dream. And since no two people are the same each dream is different. It may be to write a novel, to open your own business, to travel the world, to meet famous people.

Whatever your dream, your passion is take a hold of it and run with it until you are out of breath from laughing and your eyes shine with glee.

What is your dream?


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