Shooting tethered…

When I was shooting the pictures for the B is for Bottle post I realized I had the perfect opportunity to try to shoot tethered. I have always wanted to try this but I couldn’t connect my camera to the laptop. But recently I got the needed equipment so I launched Lightroom 3, hooked up the camera and fired away.

And I have to say shooting tethered is pretty cool.

When tethered  the image goes directly from your camera directly to the computer. This is great for checking focus, checking the lighting and getting instant gratification of your photograph. Because it is being instantly imported you can also set it so that any presets you want applied can be done automatically. As you turn on the tethering you get to select/create a file specifically for photo shoot and file names that can be configured a number of ways. Makes it really easy to keep files separate

One of the great features is the tether bar. This bar appears over Lightroom and shows you the camera’s setting. As you change ISO, shutter speed or aperture on the camera it changes in the tether bar so you can easily see them. And you can release the shutter from Lightroom. There is a big button that you can click and it triggers the shutter. This is a great way to reduce camera shake. I can’t wait to try this with some water drops shots soon.

I am really excited to try this with macro shots. I will be able to truly see the shots I am getting, see if I need to adjust anything and then just shoot. If you Lightroom and your camera is supported I suggest you give it a try.

Here are a couple of more shots from that night of shooting. Just playing around with lighting to see what I could create.


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