Alphabet assignment: B is for Bottle

For the B entry in my Alphabet assignment I decided to go with the very cool bottle! I know, thrilling stuff here.

Recently my wife got  a new craft table which will make her cratfing/sewing easier. Needless to say it is a great table top for shooting photography too. (Shh, don’t tell her. She wasn’t  home when I used it.) I am a big fan of ginger beer so I had decided to save a bottle and see what types of interesting pictures I could get using various types of lighting and post-processing.

The lighting setup was pretty straightforward. A softbox was setup directly behind the bottle, with the bottle about 4 inches in front of the diffusion panel. Camera was either directly in front or to the right of center of the bottle. A silver reflector was used to camera left to bounce some light back into the bottle for the strip of specular highlights. Settings on camera were ISO 100, F 9, shutter speed 250. And I was tethered (more on the subject very soon)!

Post processing was just a few adjustments in Lightroom and then I took the pictures to Photoshop. In Ps I just duplicated the background and changed the blend mode to either Overlay or Soft Light.

I did find the original post that prompted to start this project. It was a post on the I’monnet Photo blog.

Now I have to figure out what I will do for C.


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