Photographer Spotlight: Mark Wallace

It has been a while since I’ve done a photographer’s spotlight so I figured it was about time I did.

Mark Wallace is one of those teachers who has such a knack for teaching that he can take complex photography subjects and make them both fun and easy to understand. I first saw a video of his Digital Photography One on One show on AdoramaTV.  I have no idea what the video was about, but I do know that it and all the others I have watched since then have been super helpful as I have learned photography.

Then last year he taught at creativeLIVE course Anatomy of a Photoshoot. It was an amazing class where he walked you through, start to finish, on how to plan, setup, and execute a photoshoot. You saw how him and his creative team developed the concept, documented it, planned, setup the shoot and then created amazing photos. What was really cool is him and the team explained the reasons they did things rather than just doing them.

Recently I watched reDefine with Tamara Lackey where she interviews him. In the interview he talks about how he got into both photography and creating his learning videos.

If you have a question about photography I highly suggest you go to either the AdoramaTV site or his company’s youtube site Snapfactory and see if Mark has created a video that will answer your question. If not you can always ask him and he may create a video on it.

Coming up in just a couple of weeks he is giving another creativeLIVE class on speedlights. The deadline to submit a video for the class was just extended so if you want to learn from a great teacher get a video created and posted. You may be one of the lucky ones!

While the picture below doesn’t have anything directly to do with Mark Wallace it does indirectly. In one of his videos he talks about just walking around and finding things to photograph. I took this picture a couple of weeks ago when I decided to just head downtown and see what interested in me. I really liked the way the traffic lights in the background became some beautiful bokeh.


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