One camera, one lens…

This morning when I headed out for a brief photo walk I decided to take only my camera and one lens. No bag, no other lenses, not even a camera strap. I had to keep the camera in my hand, ready to shoot. The lens I took was a 50mm 1.8.

This made me think more about the shots I was talking since I couldn’t get closer with a zoom, or use a macro for the super detailed shots. My feet were my zoom as I looked through the viewfinder and framed the shots. Since the streets were empty and I was alone I could really take my time and think about what I was shooting. I have a tendency to rush my shots. I know this and I am working on not doing it.

The only issue was that it was chilly, and I mean chilly, this morning. Since I had no camera strap I couldn’t put one hand in my jacket pocket since it was holding the camera. But it was still worth it.

For the last year my primary lens has been a prime lens. I love the capability of a zoom lens. And won’t give them up completely, but I just like having a prime on my camera. I’m not exactly sure the reason as of yet. Maybe it is because it makes me work for the image, makes me think about where I am in relation to the subject and know that I have to move. It makes me try new angles and positions around the subject.

What is your ‘go to’ lens and why?


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