So many plans…

There are so many things I want to do that are photography related I’m surprised my brain hasn’t exploded. I’ve been revisiting my self-assigment list for 2012 recently to see what I have done or can work on soon. So far I am behind on them. But that is okay. I haven’t stopped learning in the meantime, but it is time to get back on track.

In this post I mentioned that I was going to start shooting monthly assignments for the various local photography contests. (Got second place.) A friend asked if I could give the upcoming themes that I would be shooting. Here a few lists that I will be shooting.

Month LAPC Photo Pro
May Churches Planes, trains, autos
June Things that fly Churches in Iowa
July Sun Humor
August Humor Summer fun
September Texture Reflections
October Patterns Action in motion
November TBD Autumn events
December Music Traditions

While there in contest per se for the photo club at work there is a monthly theme we discuss. The full list of those is lost somewhere (and I’m not logging into my work PC since I am off the next 4 days) I do remember that May’s theme is signs.

Plus I have some other projects in mind that I am feeling comfortable enough to try. I know, I should be doing stuff that is uncomfortable. I will very soon, promise. I really need to find some Lego ninja minifigs!

So there we go. Expect to see more new stuff from me as well as more of the educational posts soon.


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