Photo shoot of a 1 year old…

Last weekend I had the pleasure of helping take pictures of Ben again. He turns 1 year this coming week and he is pretty much a pretty relaxed toddler. I helped his mom take some pictures 3 months ago which can be seen here.

Overall it was a great experience again. There is such a difference in doing a shot where it is truly something that is planned rather than something that you are just taking a few shots. Ben’s mom did most of the shooting that morning. She had some really cute ideas for props and situations to have him ‘pose’ in. As much as you can get  a 1 year old to ‘pose’. Lets just say there was a rocking horse, a wicker baskets and balloons involved in various combinations. I can’t wait to see the finished results as they looked really good on the back of her camera.

At one point she was getting something ready so I moved Ben over to these huge windows, grabbed the reflector and started taking pictures. In the last shoot I used my 60mm prime the whole time, this time I used the 55-200mm. It wasn’t as fast, but I really liked the zoom functionality when it comes to the portraits. If I was shooting someone even a bit older I can see using a prime would be a bit easier, but when laying on the floor to get on the same level, and with the speed of a 1 year old the zoom was handy.

In this session I really got to use my 43 inch 5 in 1 reflector. Only the silver side was used this time, but it was used in pretty much every shot. While his mom was shooting with the softbox I held it off to the side for her. When I was shooting we both held it to make sure there was a bit less shadow on the non-light side. There were a few shots where I didn’t have it angled quite right, but that’s okay as it is all about learning.

I want to thank Sandy Puc’ yet again for everything she taught in her creativeLIVE class. I used three main things from the class this day. The first is when Ben would get just a bit fussy I would have mom pick up him quick, give me a hug and then put him back down. Worked like a charm as he never truly get too fussy and was a smiling boy. The second is the snack. Talk about the perfect little distraction. And the final one was the use of the ‘tickler’. She used a long pole with some feathers on the end to gently play with the children, I used the reflector. It was a game of ‘gonna get ya’ where I would slowly move it up to him and tap his feet with it. He loved it. The smiles were huge and he never became afraid of this massive silver disc being near him.

A great time was had doing this shoot. I learned a lot, Ben was a brilliant model, mom got some fantastic shots of her own. It was a nice Saturday morning.

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