First canvas print…

Since our trip last year there is one picture that my wife has been asking to have printed large so we could hang it up on the walls of the apartment. It is the picture posted below. With her birthday coming up  I decided to get a canvas print of it done. There were so many options I wasn’t sure where to have the print done.

creativeLive had just featured Sandy Puc who uses Bay Photo as her lab. As part of the class there was a 10% off discount code for Bay Photo so I thought I would give them a try.

After going to their site I downloaded their ordering software and go to work. The first thing I did was go through their products and decide on what I was going to order. I went with a 16×24 Giclée Canvas Gallery Wrap. Next I tweaked the full size raw file of the image. I learned that you need to go over the image really carefully to make sure there aren’t any odd color spots. Because this is a flower there was a number of slightly miss colored spots on couple of leaves. You can’t really see them on the computer screen. But when it is 16×24 you can. They aren’t massive or anything. And you still don’t really notice them, but it was a good learning experience.

Next I started to use the ROES system for Bay Photo. It was easy and confusing at the same time. I had trouble getting my image uploaded, purely human error, but it wasn’t really clear what I needed to do. So I contacted Bay Photo through their support email. And I had a response within half an hour or so. On a Sunday night. I reached out to customer support a number of times to make sure I was doing things correctly and I always got a quick a courteous response. After the image was uploaded it was a breeze to use. I just picked the canvas print, the options I wanted, and ordered it. As a bonus there was a 25% off code for placing my first order.

I placed the order on a Tuesday, and had the print in hand by Friday afternoon. No rush printing and delivery, just the regular options.

I have to say I am impressed by Bay Photo. Now that I understand the ROES system it will be easy to use. Their customer support was some of the best I have ever seen. And the print on the wall looks really cool.

There is one problem that this has caused for me though. After opening the box, loving it and having it up on the wall my wife asked one very important question. “What are you having printed next?”


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