Being organizied again…

I’ve written in the past about trying to be organized in my photography. That has been an overall theme for my life in 2012. At work I have put some new strategies and place as well as at home. So far they are going well as I don’t feel as ‘lost’ as I have in the past when trying to find things I need. Don’t get me wrong, this is still a work on progress.

As such I am always looking for new ideas of how to be more productive and organized. Earlier this week I found a site that talks about The Secret Weapon. Sounds dangerous doesn’t it? It combines the philosophy of the book “Getting Things Done” with the note taking application Evernote. I have not read the book yet, but it has been added to my list of ones to pick up.

The Secret Weapon talks about how to build a file/tag structure in Evernote that makes it easy to breakdown your notes, your emails,  your to-dos so that you will use the system. One drawback of any organizational system is that it doesn’t do you any good if the system takes a long time to use. And if you don’t use it, then it isn’t really helping you get organized is it?

The basis of the structure is 3 different files, 1 for working one, 1 for done, 1 for information. And a tag system that breaks it down to who, what, where and when. You can add other tags as needed. Each note can have multiple tags as well.

Here is a shot of my current tag breakdown.

I’ve added a couple of tag categories for type and ideas. Type includes things such as macro, splash or portraits. Ideas is what I tag my notes with possible photo projects I want to do later.

I spent a whole evening going through my previous notebooks (12 of them) to get it down to the three listed above and create the tags. Was it worth it? I think so, but I will let you know for sure. I know that is it easier to find what I am looking for now. And I don’t spend as much time thinking where to place a note.

And since there is an app for Evernote for most smartphones I always have my notes with me.

How do you stay organized?


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