Taking a shot and hoping for the best…

I know the shot below is a bit out of focus and has a cluttered background. I claim photographic ignorance as I only had my camera about a month or two and had no clue what I was doing. But even though it isn’t a ‘perfect’ shot it still makes me smile. We were at an art fair over in Des Moines and a painter had this set up in the corner of his booth.

Sometimes that is how it feels. While I think I am much better at knowing what I will get when I click the shutter there are still times when I look at the LCD and go ‘Not what I expected”.

I may try to play with some post processing effect at a later time, but for now I will just enjoy the feelings this picture brings out in me.

  • Take a chance
  • Inspiration
  • Joy
  • Passion


4 thoughts on “Taking a shot and hoping for the best…

  1. Perfection’s overrated, I think it’s a great shot! I’ve had my camera for about the same length of time and there’s definitely an art to focussing. Your subject matter is a LOT better than mine though I must say!

  2. I’m sure you’ve heard the quote by Henri Cartier Bresson… “sharpness is a bourgeois concept”…there is so much more to photography that just focus…this shot made me smile

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