Standing out from the crowd…

One of the ideas I have heard from lots of different photographers is shoot what you love. That love will translate into your photograph and help build a connection with the audience. You will also find your own style which will help your work become recognized. Now your style may change, but it will still be yours.

Only you can create the photographs you create. Someone else will bring different settings, composition, post-processing, energy and feeling.


3 thoughts on “Standing out from the crowd…

  1. Totally agree… the things I love to shoot have actually changed since I started, as my style has developed (and my equipment has changed). The more I shoot, the more I define what’s important to me, and what I love to shoot.

  2. Amazing! It does change from here to there. But, as long as you claim it it will always be yours. Love your image and your text. Have a great weekend

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