Book Review: Within the Frame: Part 1…

I love to read, have since I was a little kid. The first chapter book I ever read was Charlotte’s Web, or at least the first one I remember. And when I can combine both reading and photography I am pretty much in heaven. Now that I’m thinking about it I bet I would almost have been able to afford a lens for what I have spent on books. Maybe not.

I recently got a book that has inspired me in ways that are hard to describe. But I am going to try. This ‘review’ will be in multiple parts as I’ve not even finished the book yet, but I can’t wait until I am done to write about it.

The book is “Within the Frame: The Journey of the Photographic Vision” by David duChemin.

So far I am only through Chapter 3 but I’ve already found myself thinking differently about my photographs and my ‘vision’. I’ve talked before about finding my vision and what I truly enjoy shooting. This book doesn’t tell me what that is, but rather helps me look at myself and how I relate to my photography, and how others may relate to it as well, to help me make better pictures.

Introduction Mr. duChemin talks about the reason he wrote the book. “I wrote this book because it’s the book I wish I’d had.”

Chapter 1 talks about vision at a high level while at the time helping you focus on what it means for you. “Vision is the beginning and the end of photography.”

Chapter 2 is about what is ‘within the frame’. It starts the conversation on shooting what is important to you and how to build your vision in your camera’s frame. “Painting with light, in slivers of time, within the frame of our image.”

Chapter 3 is goes into how to find the balance between our artist side and our geeky gear side. “Gear is good, vision is better.”

To me this biggest impact of this book is that it makes you think, and I’m all about introspection. What are you trying to tell with your picture? What are you putting in the frame to show this? What are you excluding from it to tell the story?

If you want to read not about how to do photography but how to be a better photographer I suggest this book. As I read more I will post more of my thoughts on the book as well.

Now excuse me but I need to read Chapter 4.


5 thoughts on “Book Review: Within the Frame: Part 1…

  1. I finished that book a couple of weeks ago, and yes, it’s very good.

    If you use Lightroom then his other book “Vision & Voice: Refining Your Vision in Adobe Photoshop Lightroom” is a great read too.

  2. thanks for reviewing this…been looking for a book like this for a while….another blogger just recommended “Photographically Speaking” by the same author….I might as well go and buy his entire library 🙂

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