Changing how I post…

I’m going to change how I post here. I want to get back to my three days a week of larger posts and still post shots from the 365 project, but not have to post a 365 shot in the larger posts. The reason for this is to try and get away  from the feeling that I ‘have’ to post my 365 pictures. I am enjoying taking pictures every day, but I haven’t been posting as much. And I love blogging about photography so I am working on finding the balance.

So here is the plan

I will go back to my Monday/Wednesday/Friday schedule of larger posts. Each of these posts will have a picture, but that picture may not be a 365 shot. Most likely it will, but I have some things planned where that would be thrown off anyway.

The other days of the week I will post shots from my 365. If I have missed posting any of the 365 I will then post those as well. These will also be searchable as they will have the “365 project” tag.



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