Back to my roots…day 19

I’m a geek. I readily admit it. I like being a geek. Science-fiction/fantasy novels, Star Trek (DS9), Star Wars, vampires (non-sparkly please), myths, legends, etc. And role playing games. I grew up in a time when there was 4 channels on TV, the remote was telling us kids to get up and change the channel, you could leave the house at dawn, come back at dark and no one worried about where you where. Hell, I had a motorcycle at the age of 10 and no real limits on where I could go.

I got into roleplaying games because they were fun, and social. I was (and still can be) quiet in social situations. Part of that is because I am a watcher. No, not a Watcher, but a watcher. (Highlander pun there.) Roleplaying games let me use my imagination and tell a story with a bunch of other kids. The first game I played was Dungeon & Dragons when I was 10 years old. There have been many games and groups over the last 30+ years, but gaming is still fun.

Recently a friend here in town asked me to join a gaming group using the original rules of D&D in a version called Labyrinth Lords. Tonight was the first session. And it was a ball! Not needing loads of books to create a character, using your imagination to visualize the story as it unfolds, laughing with others around the table.

It was an fun to get back to the style of gaming I did in my youth. Can’t wait for next week now, though I need to make a new character already. Stupid giant spider ate me.


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