Light angles…day 15

I’ve talked before about getting to know your gear and playing around with an off camera flash. This morning I decided to do some macro shots and hand hold the flash so that I could move it around and see what effects I would get. Overall I think it is pretty interesting. There is a great video here on using an egg to learn about lighting. I am going to do this soon and put up the pictures as well. (I’ve got some other fun egg related picture ideas coming soon too.)

Here is a link to that video.

All the pictures were taken at ISO 200, fstop 40, shutter speed at 200th of a second. The flash was usually set at 1/16 power with varying the distance and angle, the snap on diffuser was also present except for the last 2 shots (the blown out one and the one right after) where I had taken it off.



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