Getting through the blocks…day 14

One of the things that I was worried about with doing a 365 project has happened. I have stepped away from the project because I found myself thinking “I haven’t take a shot yet today.” I know I am only two weeks into the project but this is what happened to me before. That is part of the reason that it has taken me so long to post the pictures that I did take the last few days.

But that is the key. I still did take pictures. This time around I knew I would run into this situation. Last time it took 4 months. This time it took 2 weeks. Quite a bit of a difference there. Being aware of it is the difference though. Knowing was half the battle. I thought about just dropping the 365 and going back to my three posts a week, sometimes with new pictures, sometimes with old pictures. Then I thought about it and decided to keep going.


  • Because I love taking photos. If I ever do turn this into some type of income then I will have to make photos on a daily basis.
  • Because I want to get better.
  • Because I am having to actually think about the photos I am taking rather than just grabbing a shot. I want to consciously think about what I am doing before and after I press the shutter button.
  • Because this forces me to be creative in new ways.

Today’s photo started as an abstract. It is the end of a curtain rod. I know, living on the edge here! Taking pictures of high end stuff. Once I got the image onto the computer something about it just said to take it to the next level. So I did. I worked on my Photoshop skills which was fun. Again it is making me think.


2 thoughts on “Getting through the blocks…day 14

  1. I wondered what the image was. Sometimes the most seemingly mundane items can produce quite interesting shots. I know what you mean about the 365 Projects. I’ve done it, but definitely struggle. Even though I tell myself that it will be a challenge and I will have to stretch to do it, there are just those times when it’s tough. Kudos to you for sticking to it!

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