Yummy yummy…day 11

I’m not the best cook in the world. Hell, I’m barely a mediocre cook. But I do like to cook. My favorite dishes of my wife are the ones that she just makes up as she goes. They always turn out great. And because she is so good at it and I am so blah at it I don’t usually subject her to my experiments. In fact there is a rule in the apartment “Matthew doesn’t make dinner without a recipe.” One too many times of my adventures in Chinese cuisine gone wrong.

But she worked late the other night so I got to throw something together for myself. It turned out okay, some smoked sausage with rice pilaf with peppers and other bits added in. Okay to be honest the rice part was made by Deb. It was left overs from the night before. All I did was season the sausage, fry it a bit and then put in the rice.

But it was good.


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