Backup, backup and backup…day 7

I had mentioned briefly in a post last month that laptops and coffee don’t mix. And they don’t. The story goes like this.

Our two cats decided that it was time to play “chase each other and use the furniture as our obstacle course” time. What they didn’t realize was that a cup of coffee was sitting right next to the laptop. One cat hits the coffee, over it goes, right into the keyboard of the laptop. Of course the laptop was on at the time. No one was in the room so there is no proof as to which one did the knocking over. Not like you can really punish a cat anyway.

I didn’t get upset by the fact that the laptop was ruined, what I was worried about was the pictures that I had not backed up yet! I know, bad photographer! We here it all the time, “Backup!”. But I hadn’t done it. My system of backup is using multiple external hard drives that I can hook up, copy the pictures over and then take somewhere else. But my externals are getting pretty full so I need to reorganize them, get rid of non-picture stuff and develop a new better system.

The coffee spill happened on a Monday, the day before I had meant to do the hard drive clean up and copy all the pictures. But I got busy (naps won’t just take themselves you know) and thought “I will do it next weekend”. And then spillage.

When I got home I opened up the compartments on the bottom to see if I could see any coffee and I pulled the hard drive with the hopes that it was still okay. The good news is that the hard drive did work and I was able to recover my photos. Plus I know have another external hard drive. The bad news is that the laptop had coffee down to the bottom. Not a lot of coffee, but enough. That laptop is dead.

Pictured below is a shot of one of the RAM chips, with distinctive coffee stains on it.



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