Plans for the blog…day 6

I just knew that I would not post my 365 pictures daily. I still hope to post most days, but there will be gaps. But I can say that I have taken a picture every day for the last week! Only 358 pictures left, but this is a leap year so 359 left. What was I thinking? Starting a 365 in a leap year! I must have been crazy to think I could do that.

Okay, deep breaths taken. All better now. Thanks.

As I said in my post last Sunday about the 365 some of the posts would be pretty quick hits with a picture and others would be longer posts has I had been doing three times  a week before the new year. I enjoy writing the longer posts so I want to make sure I get back to doing that. So in order to keep me honest I thought I would blog about some of my blog ideas. (Is that cheating?)

Here are some ideas of where I want to take this blog and what type of content I want to post:

  • Put myself out there more – that has been something I have been working on and continue to work on.
  • Teaching – I’m learning this as I go, sometimes making stuff in regards to the shoots I am doing. But I want to share what I have learned as I really enjoy talking about photography and teaching others.
  • Find my style – even after making photographs for over a year now I still have no idea what I really like to shot, or want to focus on. Maybe I don’t need to focus on anything and just have fun. But that will come about by shooting and thinking about my photos.

How am I going to do the above items?

  • Posting my self-evaluations – When I do even a mini project I try to sit down and think about what went right and wrong.
  • Self-disclosure – when I write posts I am sharing part of who I am, this helps people get to know me and helps them understand my photography
  • Technical posts – posts about the basics of photography. I originally learned from others videos and posts. I want to help others
  • Inspiration – where I find inspiration
  • Spotlights – there are so many wonderful photographers out there that inspire me, teach me, that give back to the world I want to make sure others know of them as well. I am hoping to do a few interviews this year with photographers and post them here.
  • Gear – talk about the gear I am using, how I use it, gear envy, and what makes making photographs easier

Enough of my rambling, time for today’s picture. Not the sharpest but I think it is fun. The picture is of a metal figure that has a very art deco feel to it. I thought about converting to black and white due to the higher ISO I used but I like the colors to much.


2 thoughts on “Plans for the blog…day 6

  1. Best of luck with the project!! I’m nearly at day 200 and some days and definitely less inspiring than others!! You’ve just reminded me that I have to get past that 29th day of Feb too….dang! p.s. I like this photo…sharpness is overrated sometimes….well, Henri Cartier Bresson thought so and he’s awesome 😉

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