Taking the plunge again…

After spending some time thinking about this I have decided to do a 365 project again. I started one late 2010 and took a picture a day for over 3 months. Near the end I was just taking a picture of anything to get it done for the day. I wasn’t trying to create a picture. Which got me frustrated so I stopped the project. Then I tried to do a 52 week project that coincided with my ‘lesson plan’ that I had created. That lasted about 13 weeks or so.

Why am I doing a 365? For a number of reasons.

To be able to see the light better.

To get to know my equipment better.

To put myself out there.

To analyze my photos and determine what I need to work on.

To find my style.

As part of this I will be posting my pictures on the blog. I hope to do it daily but if I miss a few days I will be backdating posts. Some posts will be just a picture and a brief explanation while others will continue in the same style as my previous posts. These will also be posted to Flickr as well.

So here is the first picture of my 365 project.


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