What’s in store for next year…

This should be the post where I talk about my goals, resolutions, and all that stuff. Well it will be and it won’t be. I am really bad at following through with those type of things so I am going to write about the things that I want to do this year, both photographically and personally.

Practice my post processing skills. Two of the artists I greatly admire, Brooke Shaden and Miss Aniela, are masters of Photoshop. Phlearn and Photoshop User TV are wonderful resources on how to better your Photoshop skills.

Put myself out there more. I follow various blogs, and make comments on them,  but I really need to pick some of the various forums I read and start participating more on them I’m also going to reach out local photographers I admire and try to do some work with them.

Doing more shoots. I’ve got a couple of possibilities for shoots next year that I will be following up on . There are a number of projects I also have in mind that will be using models and planning rather than my typical ‘just wing it’ attitude.

Getting set up to sell photographs. Deb and I would like to go to art fairs, farmers markets and such on the weekends and start selling some of our items (me photographs, her crafts). I have been researching and talking to some people about what I need to do in order to get officially set up as a business.

Workshops/conferences. I really want to attend some type of workshop or conference in 2012. The hands on experience would be fantastic.

Continue sharing my knowledge. I really enjoy sharing what I have learned and experienced as I work on becoming a better photographer. Teaching others really helps me understand the principals better.

Practice, practice, and practice. I am on the fence still about doing a 365 project. In 2010 I shot daily for 4 months and enjoyed it. The reason I stopped is that I found myself just taking any old picture to say I had taken my picture. If I do a 365 again I have to actual make pictures not take pictures.



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