Lessons learned in 2011…

A week and a half ago I posted about looking at 2011 and 2012 and did some high level reflection in both directions. Now it is time to be a bit more specific. I know that everyone is doing these types of posts, but I’m okay with that since what they have to say and what I have to say are different. This post is about what I truly learned in 2011 about photography and myself.

I learned…

  • That I need to trust my instincts when it comes to taking pictures
  • That I need to practice even more in both photography and Photoshop
  • That I can put myself out there in ways that I would not have expected (thank you Kenna and creativeLIVE)
  • That I truly enjoy teaching others what little I know about photography
  • That I can’t forget to put my charged spare battery in the camera bag that I will be carrying around
  • That I can pull off a photo session (the photos from my first  session were made into a book given at Christmas, the person that got the book cried I was told)
  • That even though I compare myself, and find myself lacking to many other photographers, I still have value to others, the community and myself with my photography
  • That I don’t understand all the concepts to the level I want to yet
  • But I do understand them to the point that I can make pictures and not take pictures
  • That I love to travel and take photographs of new cultures, places and people
  • That I truly enjoy writing about photography and hope to do much more of that
  • That I need to have some sort of vision in my head to get a better picture than if I am just randomly shooting

There is more that I have learned. but I’m not sure how to articulate all of it. The last year has been amazing as I search for my style and my voice. I continue to search. There are loads of people to thank for my learning over the last year. I have written about most of them already in this blog, others will be named in the future. One thing that I have found is that when I truly like someone’s work, someone’s blog or videos I reach out to them and thank them. I don’t ask a question or ask for their time. I just say thank you. Their sharing has helped me become a better photographer and I hope person. And what is amazing to me is that most of them respond, even if it is just with a quick note back. I never expect one, but I appreciate it when they do reply.

One Christmas Eve I got the chance to shoot some details of a Harley which was cool. Now of course I wish I would have taken more shots.


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