Non-white Christmas…

Here in Iowa we had a non-white Christmas. I can honestly say I don’t remember the last time we didn’t have at least a little bit of snow on the ground on the 25th. It could be that it was that long ago or that I am losing my memory. I wouldn’t put money on it being the first option.

Even though we had no snow it was a good holiday. Spent time with family, got some good family pictures and played around taking some detail pictures of a Harley which was fun.

Being the last week of 2011 I’ve been giving more thought to what 2012 will bring photographically. Those thoughts will be coming in posts later in the week.

Since we don’t have snow I thought I would take pictures of a snowman figurine we have with some bokeh in the background. It was interesting figuring out the flash setting to light the figurine to the level I wanted and get the tree lights bokeh just right. I am becoming more comfortable with the flash and using it on manual, even when it is on camera. TTL still throws me though.


3 thoughts on “Non-white Christmas…

    • Thanks Katie.I am really happy with it. I am really starting to take the vision in my head and get it to come out the way I want. And personally I am fine with little to no snow. 🙂

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