Water gems in action…

As I stated previously this weekend I did some shots with the water gems I purchased last week. They were interesting to play with and produce a distinctively different type of splash than an actual water droplet.I have some other ideas as well of ways to use the water gems which should prove interesting.

I still need to do a lot of work on the setup of these splash pictures.  While I have the basic camera settings down there is still so much room to play. In my current set up I have to shoot at an angle so I don’t get a line across the background which s the edge of the pan. And because of that angle I am also getting the bottom of the pan in the shoot which I don’t like. What I would like to do is build a frame that I can use to have the water drop consistently hit in the same spot.

Here is one of the shots from the water gem session.


2 thoughts on “Water gems in action…

  1. I’m following these splash photos with interest. I tried some a while ago, but couldn’t achieve anything other than very basic splashes at the time. I would like to try for something a little more arty. Watching with interest.

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