New toys for splash photos…

I am a huge fan of Alex Koloskov’s work. You can see his work on his blog here. He is a master of splash photography and his videos are fun to watch. It was his work that inspired me to start playing with water drops and milk. In one of his shots he use some mysterious beads. The beads have the same refraction index as water so they disappear when placed in water. It is so cool to see a glass full of these beads but it only looks like water.

He mentions in the post that he picked them up at the store Michaels. My wife and I happened to be going by the local Michaels tonight so we swung in and I picked up a jar of Water Gems. They come in all different colors but I went with the clear ones to start with.

I haven’t had a chance to use them yet in any photos, but I can’t wait to. I’m thinking this weekend I will need to try and use them in a variety of ways.


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