Guest blogging for creativeLIVE…

Yesterday was a pretty good day for me. It started with an email from Kenna Klosterman of creativeLIVE stating that my guest blog post had been posted to the creativeLIVE blog.

When creativeLIVE asked for guest bloggers I knew I had to give it a try. I love photography and I love blogging. I’ve had a number of blogs over the last few years but none that I have kept up as much as this one. I’ve gone on and on about creativeLIVE in previous posts, especially this one. If you want to read them just click the creativeLIVE tag in the right sidebar.

I submitted that post to the team in Seattle, not really expecting much out of it. Then I got an email asking me for some other ideas. I sent some in and then one was picked.

And then I started to stress, big time. I had a week to get a version in that could be reviewed and changes made. I started and stopped the post about a dozen times. Laying in bed I would think about all the things I wanted to put in it, then I would remember that it couldn’t be too long.  I did an outline, filled in the outline, moved parts of the outline around. Then I would start to second guess what I had written. Even though I write for my blog three times a week, and it is out there in the world, this post was going up on creativeLIVE! My readership is about 10-15 a day, creativeLIVE I’m guessing is in the thousands.

Blogging to me is fun as for years I wanted to be a writer. I would work on character histories, start short stories but I could never get the vision in my head to appear on the paper. I think that is one of the reasons that I fell in love with photography so much. But I digress from the point.

I reached out a friend who is also a writer and asked for his advice. To quote him “RELAX! You got this, stop second guessing.” And he was absolutely right. I took a step back, looked at all the bits and pieces I had written and sat down and wrote the post that went up yesterday as if I was writing it for my blog. I didn’t need to change my voice because of where the blog post would be. The key was using the voice I had already developed.

There were a few changes suggested to me after I had sent it in which were quickly made. The main photograph was done last Sunday. I had an idea, created that picture, evaluated it, tried a few other things and finally got one that I felt captured the spirit of the post.

I really viewed this as another assignment. What did I learn? That I can write a succinct post with lots of information. That I can envision a picture with a certain theme/look. That I need to write more, and of course to take more pictures. That my writing voice was all I needed.

I really want to thank Kenna and the creativeLIVE staff for asking others to share their voice on the creativeLIVE blog. They help build a stronger community by bringing in more voices.

Two questions to end the post

  1. What would you write as a guest post for any other blog out there?
  2. Any particular reason you aren’t writing it?

I don’t have a picture that really goes with this post (laptops and coffee don’t mix-but is good fodder for a post at a later date). So this picture was from my last splash session. I am still working on my photographic voice/style.


3 thoughts on “Guest blogging for creativeLIVE…

  1. The blog about the blog – i LOVE it! Congrats on putting yourself out there Matthew. You have great things to teach others and that’s what we love about you! Only way we grow is pushing beyond our comfort zone. So THANK YOU Matthew for contributing to the creativeLIVE community and for taking another step forward in your personal journey!!!

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