A softbox, a camera and a baby…

As I stated in Monday’s post I had a photo shoot over the weekend but I wanted to show the pictures first to the model’s mother. I have so here is my blog post about that morning.

At my regular job there are a number of us who are avid photographers, thus the reason for out photography club there (that is for another post). Last week one of my friends at work asked me to come out and help her take pictures of her son. Ben is about 8 months old and super adorable. There was no way I was not going out there.

I took my softbox, flash, camera, and a few lens and headed out Saturday morning. We went over how to use the flash and radio trigger, put the cameras in manual mode and started taking picture of Ben. He was happy to sit there and let us take turns for a bit, then he started to crawl. From what I was told he had just learned how, but he was quick. You had to grab him fast or he would be out of the shot in no time.

Even though I didn’t shoot as much as his mother I still had a great time. It was my first chance to really use my softbox and reflector. I moved the softbox around and even held it up in the air to see what type of light and shadows we would get. Then we started to use the 5 in 1 reflector. I really need to start using this more. For the shots in the nursery the softbox worked really well though the reflector was nice. Once we moved to the living room though the high ceilings and walls far away I should have used it for every shot. Ben moved so much that it was hard to keep the softbox on him just right so most of the shots didn’t have catchlights in the eyes.

I used my 60mm macro for the shots. While there are times I wish I had a wider lens on the body the close ups I got with the 60mm made up for it.

What I learned from this assignment.

  • I can effectively use a softbox
  • I know how to set up a mini studio on location
  • I can use one light to get some nice portraits
  • I need to use my reflector more (may need to get a smaller one)
  • I need to keep practicing
  • I loved showing someone else how to use their camera and gear
  • I really enjoy taking portraits
  • Always expect the unexpected with babies

I think my favorite shot is the one below. Ben was chewing on his mother’s camera strap. I think he is already planing on being a photographer.

Here are few more from that morning.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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