Busy photography weekend…

Overall it has been a busy and good weekend for photography. Saturday I got to help a friend take pictures of her son, but that will be the subject of a later post since I don’t want to post any pictures until she has seen them. I also worked another project that was tough but I think it went well. But again I am going to hold off on posting about that until later.

So what can I blog about today then? How about how doing something you love makes the time fly by!

Here is a list of the things I have been doing over the weekend (excluding the items ab0ve):

  • Post processing
  • Redoing bio on my various social media sites
  • Reading some great photography and Photoshop books
  • Working on some project ideas
  • Adding a gallery to the blog of my splash photos (see upper right)

While I was doing all that time just flew by? Why is it that we never have enough time to spend on the activities we love, yet the ones we don’t want to do take forever.

I also found a new blog this week that I am catching up on. Check out In Search of Style. The photos are brilliant, the text is fun and I love the layout of the blog. It has actually inspired me to look at the format of this blog and maybe make some changes. I am also going to try and highlight other blogs that help me along my journey.

I was playing with the macro lens (which is pretty much my default lens) and a candle. This is a closeup of a wooden disk that is tied to a candle. I played with it in photoshop afterwards to see what I could do to it. Overall I am pleased with both the photo and the post processing.


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