Photography Journal…

Yesterday I took the time to play around with doing some splash shots again. This time I made some changes to how I did the set up. I tried two different containers, I varied the height of the water drops or coins. Oh yeah, I added dropping coins too into the bowl of water (some seriously cool splashes). I took shots for about 2 hours or so. After I had broken down the set up (it was in the dining room) I had another idea of a small change I could have made.

It was right then that I decided to start a photo shoot journal.

Some may say that this blog is a version of a photography journal. And it is as the whole point of it is to document this journey and hopefully help others with the bits of knowledge I have picked up. This journal though will be a bit different. It will be focused on the thoughts as well as ideas from photo shoots that I have completed. As part of my process I try to look back at what worked and what didn’t. Now I will be adding to that the ideas of things I want to change in the next shoot.

This journal will be in Evernote. I have talked this note taking program before. As I create each note I will title it with the date. The tags will be ‘journal’ and whatever the theme of the shoot was. In this case it was ‘splash’. Then I sit down and list what worked well for the shoot, what do I still need to work on and what ideas so I have to try something new around that type of shoot. Now the next time I am doing a splash shoot I can go back and see what I wrote and make some changes.

How do you document the ideas you want to change in future shoots?

Here is one of the pictures from yesterday’s session.


2 thoughts on “Photography Journal…

  1. I’m afraid that I don’t document things, but I should because I have a lousy memory. The trouble is I am also very disorganised. There is no hope for me, but luckily it doesn’t matter at my age.

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