Photography self assignments…

It is time to set myself some self assignments. In the past I have done this more around learning certain techniques or skills. This time I am going to focus more on putting some of the skills/techniques into practice by doing some projects. My thought is that by doing a project I will be more focused on the result at the end. It will be easier for me to create  triptych of flowers (as an example) than to say I want to practice doing flower macro shots. Both will result in me practicing my skills and having an end product. This way seems more tangible to me for some reason. Plus it will let me play with a variety of technique rather than just one.

There is no set deadline for these, which may be a mistake. I work so much better with deadlines. Here we go.

  • Create a set of four pictures with an elemental theme.
  • Create at least two more set of splash photographs.One around drops and the other larger splashes.
  • Create a composite image from three different images.
  • Create a full shooting plan in Celtx.
  • Do another photo shoot.
  • Create a triptych of flower shots.
  • Create a triptych of macro shots.
  • Do a HDR landscape picture.
  • Do more self-portraits.
  • Submit a photograph to a photo contest.
  • Submit a photograph to a magazine.
  • Create a video for creativeLIVE.

That should keep me busy for a bit.

What are you working on to improve your skills?

And a photograph of Athena, goddess of wisdom.


One thought on “Photography self assignments…

  1. I should also get better at setting myself assignments. At the moment I’m trying to get as many ideas as possible out of my head and into the camera but I do it mostly by staying at home and shooting myself or my girls. What I would love is the opportunity to shoot different things in different places, even better if there’s a purpose behind it other than just taking another picture. I’ve been looking for ways to do this but so far hasn’t come up with anything good.

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