Photographer spotlight…Jasmine Star

In this journey of mine I have found photographers that I look up to for many reasons. The reasons may vary of why I follow them, but there is something about each photographer that has helped me look at either myself, my photography or both and make improvements.

The first photographer that I want to showcase is Jasmine Star. (Not that she really needs showcasing. I think everyone knows who she is.)

My first introduction to Jasmine Star was in the Chase Jarvis’ Keynote speech at Photo Plus Expo 2010. She discussed how she became inspired to become an photographer and then how she did it. That really struck a chord with me. Here is someone who saw a dream and then pursued it until she became one of the best wedding photographers in the world.  That drive and dedication was inspiring for someone who had just picked up a camera and found a passion for photography six months before.

From there I found Ms. Star’s blog. In her creativeLIVE course on building your business she stated that her blog is her voice. She shares bits and pieces of her every day life as well as her experiences as a wedding photographer. You get to know her as a person as well as a photographer.

The first course of creativeLIVE that I was able to fully watch was the one I mention above. I took so much away from those two days of watching Ms. Star talk about her path, her business and herself.

Here are a few of her sayings that stuck with me:

  • Outshoot, outrun, outhustle
  • Educate as we shoot
  • Be the first or be the best & if your not just be different
  • I would rather see you fail at something you love, than succeed at something you hate
  • It is not about the photographs, it is about the photographer

Another of her points was how she taught her self photography. Each week she would set a goal of some aspect of photography she wanted to learn and then focused on that.  After her course I set out to create some self-assignments myself to get improve my photography. I won’t deny that I didn’t get through them all, but I know that the ones I did helped me.

Even though my goal isn’t to become a world famous wedding photographer her experiences have helped me look at my photography and the path that I am on. In fact this new blog is because she talks about putting yourself out there and having a voice.

Recently Ms. Star put out a magazine called Exposed.  And I was lucky enough to win a copy from creativeLIVE. Now I am just waiting for it to arrive!

I will end with one final thing about Ms. Star. I have written her twice. The first thanking her for sharing her story and how it is inspiring. The second time was during the course mentioned above, again thanking her. Both times she took the time to write me back. Just a quick email but she did take the time. She also commented on one of posts in this blog. I hope someday to meet her in person to thank her.

And even though it really doesn’t have anything to do with the post there must be a photograph for every post. Ms. Star is the one who taught me that. And really, doesn’t chocolate go with everything?


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