Splish Splash…

This weekend was to be the start of me shooting every day again and so far (all two days) I have succeeded. I’m not going to beat myself up if I do miss a day, but I really want to try and practice the skills I am trying to develop.

After my first set of water splash photographs I wanted to take shooting splashes to the next level. So I decided to use milk instead of water. I know! Living on the edge here!

Actually this was more involved as I was going for a completely different type of look if splash in this set.

Here is how I set it up:

  • On the table I set up a black background (cotton cloth on the table and over a box
  • Reversed a chair so the back was against the table
  • Taped a spoon to the back of the chair
  • On the table put a plastic lid to catch the milk as it splashed (or at least most of it)
  • Camera set up on a tripod with my 60 mm macro lens
  • Flash set up to the right of the camera on a light stand, no modifier on the flash, triggered by radio triggers
  • Reflector set up to the left of the spoon
  • Floor lamp to the right and slightly behind the spoon
  • For some shots a few drops of food coloring was added to the milk in the spoon

Once again I learned a lot about shooting from actually planning and then executing a shoot. Probably the biggest thing I learned is that go with your instinct and you can get amazing results. I decided about 2/3 of the way through to add a few drops of food coloring to the milk. I thought I would get a cool bit of color in the flash, but I got results that were completely unexpected. The color flowed through the milk as it splashed. The contrast of the white milk hitting the spoon and then transforming into color just jumps out the photograph.

Here are the results.



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